In a stylish private room, you will find a state-of-the-art Full-Spectrum Cedar Sauna as well as a shower featuring Woodstock Resources reclaimed terracotta tiles allowing you to fully escape without interruptions for your entire 50minute session.

The experience of an Infra-Red Sauna is akin to the rush of warmth you feel when the sun breaks through on a cloudy day. That warming sensation you feel is the band of infra-red sunlight warming your body.

Our Sauna channels this infra-red heat (without the UV rays) to penetrate your muscles, skin, joints and tissues in order to increase circulation and enhance oxygen flow, helping rid the body of impurities within your cells where waste, heavy metals, cholesterol and other toxins are stored.

Try our infra-red sauna and see how it benefits you.

A space for you to completely relax or some of you might choose to practise your Yoga, or if you’re feeling social you can share this tranquil setting with a friend^.

1 Sauna Session - $55
5 Sauna Sessions - $261
10 Sauna Sessions - $495
Introductory Offer* x 3 sessions - $119

^Add $15 per session for an additional person. A maximum of 1 additional person per sauna session
* Valid for new clients only. Valid for 30 days from purchase.

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