Our cedarwood, state-of-the-art sauna by Clearlight uses the penetrative power of Infrared light to increase your bodies core temperature. 

Take 45-minutes (or choose our 30-minute Express Option) to detoxify, increase your metabolism and take care of your immune & lymphatic systems (hello glowing skin!)

Experience all this is our calming private suite featuring rain shower and designer fittings. 

Add a 15-minute LED Therapy Facial post Infrared Sauna for the ultimate glow!


Try our infrared sauna and see how it benefits you.

A space for you to completely relax or some of you might choose to practise your Yoga, or if you’re feeling social you can share this tranquil setting with a friend^.

1 Sauna Session - $55
1 Express 30-minute session - $40
5 Sauna Sessions - $261
10 Sauna Sessions - $495
Introductory Offer* x 3 sessions - $119

^Add $15 per session for an additional person. A maximum of 1 additional person per sauna session
* Valid for new clients only. Valid for 30 days from purchase.

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